Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another leader!

Very nice article in the Northcote Leader Newspaper this week, for Marcus Encel's exhibition of photography La Santera y el Profesor, opening tomorrow night!

Here's an taste of it and here is the link (if you're not a local and dont get a free copy):

"Encel took the photographs in Cuba, which he describes as a cultural melting pot with unique colours and traditions that will soon be lost to globalisation as the country makes the transition from communism to capitalism....Encel contrasts the sacrifices of the warrior arts and that of religion. “It examines how the idea of blood sacrifice is expressed in Catholicism, Santeria (West African religion), politics and martial arts in Cuba,” Encel said. 'There is a lot of drama in the exhibition, with giant crucifixes, mystical symbolism and the gritty culture of the fight gym.’‘

Sounds pretty interesting to me, hope you can come along and check it out too.

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