Wednesday, March 9, 2011

eARTh heART ART fundraiser

Its getting very exciting!.... We are brewing up a fantastic event for our next fundraiser on the 26th March. We have been working hard to create a fabulous family friendly evening of entertainment for you all to enjoy... and its coming up soon!

It will combine all the things we love Art, Music, and the Environment.

The evening will consist of a wealth of colours, divine sounds and visual brilliance including:

Music - with fantastic artists and bands donating their time.
Art - with a fantastic array of affordable (donated) art works for silent auction.
Night Market - great creative stalls of everything from hand made to second hand.

Speakers on the environment, arts & community, poets, dancers & rainbow fairies.

Food and Good Brew!

In the middle will be Earth Hour and we will switch the lights off and light candles, for great atmosphere and let some acoustic energy fill the venue, raising awareness about global warming and helping the environment.

Synergy Gallery fundraiser
Sat 26th March 2011,
5pm -12midnight.

251-253 High Street Northcote
(Northcote Uniting Church, Synergy Gallery & Courtyard)

Catch the 86 Tram, bring a friend, and a candle!

Help us 'Keep the Arts Alive in Northcote', we need you now!

As you may know we are one of the last standing galleries in the street and a seriously trying to survive after a 40% rent increase and having all of our fundraising money stolen at the end of last year. So if you value have the cultural arts precinct we have helped created, come together on this one. We are aiming to double the energy, money and volunteer resources lost last fundraiser!

Synergy Gallery is your local non-profit, community contemporary art space.
Show us your love.
Keep ART in the heART of Northcote.

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