Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Celebrating Women in Art

For International Womens' Day this year we are holding an exhibition celebrating Women in art.

We welcome women of all ages and backgrounds to participate and exhibit an artwork, even if you have never exhibited before - we would love to see your work included in the show.

At Synergy Gallery we have become aware that even though most of the artists that exhibit with us are female, most of the artists represented in commercial and state funded galleries are males. Perhaps it is about time to start looking at this issue again and boost our confidence as women artists. It is inexpensive to be included ($10/$15 per smallish work) and will be a fun event, where you will have the opportunity to meet other artists and feel good about yourself.

Just drop your artwork in on the weekend of 5-6 March (2-4pm) or otherwise by arrangement.

We look forward to having your artwork in our Womens' Art Show !

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