Friday, December 4, 2009

Synergy Salon is on again

Synergy Salon 2009
8th Birthday Party and Fundraiser

In the spirit of Salons past we are inviting artists to contribute original works as part of our annual extravaganza of all that is beautiful, inspiring, luciously decadent, affordable luxuries, food for the soul of which we would starve for lack of.....

Synergy Salon is on, and here are the details if you wish to be a part of this special event. Everyone is encouraged to bring in hand made 2D and 3D art, craft and gifts. All contributions welcome, please call us for more details.

Receiving works: Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th Dec. 12-4pm.

The exhibition dates for Synergy Salon are as follows:
December 9th - 13th with an Opening and Birthday Party
Tuesday Dec. 8th @6pm. Gallery (We're 8 how great is that?)
Pick up unsold work: Sunday 13th Dec, 4pm

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