Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The CERES Series

Synergy Gallery are delighted to be hosting an exhibition entitled The CERES Series by Pol McMohan, artist in residence at CERES over the last year. This exhibition will opening this Saturday 2nd March from 3-9pm and the exhibition will continue till 23rd March, the date of the Harvest Festival.

The CERES Series 

An exhibition showcasing the artwork about Ceres by 2012 artist in residence Pol McMahon.

Over the last year Pol McMahon (aka Pol the painter) has been producing a series of paintings detailing the day to day life in the much loved CERES Environment Park, in Brunswick East, Victoria.

In 40 or so paintings, sketches and murals in which Pol has depicted a great deal of the site, featuring the café, festivals, school tours and wildlife. CERES is a large area (4 hectares) and the artist has found even a year has not been enough to cover everything. Over the next month Pol will continue the series while the exhibition continues displaying this collection of works to the public.

Pol McMohan is an artist who works with a range of recycled materials and distinctive artworks painted on metal. In a fresh, sensitive and joyful manner Pol records our environment, finding beauty in the urban setting and pairs that with recording of the life of the community in play, work and their social activities in daily life and at festivals and celebrations. Pol McMohan's art celebrates the joyful harmony between nature and humankind, even within an urban, modern environment.

Pol has exhibited works recording local areas, such as his exhibitions previously at Synergy Gallery displaying works of High St Northcote. He also produces small books documenting this work. In an effort to finish his “Little Book of Ceres”, profits from print and painting sales will go towards production of this record of the residency.

In addition of recording the CERES environment itself Pol will be displaying a number of works of the surrounding area such as radio 3RRR, Brunswick East Primary School (where he has been working with pupils on two large murals), High and Lygon Streets in the neighbouring areas.

Opening this Saturday March 2nd  3-9 pm at Synergy at CERES, in the Red Train beside the café at CERES. The exhibition will close after the CERES Harvest Festival, 23rd of March.

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