Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Call out for artists - ARTiculate - Art as Voice 2011 - Sustainable City, re-imaging the future

ARTiculate is an on-going project of Synergy Gallery Inc and the Northcote Uniting Church, addressing issues of social and political importance through creativity.

Theme 2011: Sustainable City, re-imagining the future

Exhibition dates: June 17 - July 2

This ARTiculate project aims to engage various artists, community groups and the general community in imagining what makes a sustainable city - from local food producers to those exploring alternative transport and power. We invite professional artists raising these issues, to school child dreams of the future to contribute to this exciting exhibition for everyone with an interest in our future.

ARTiculate is generally a circular event, which begins with a professional exhibition, then including artists/ talks, forums, discussions and community art making sessions. The artwork of the community (made at these sessions) is then included in a community response exhibition. Sometimes we have created a Community Response Installation. This year we hope to combine professional artists, community groups and community response in the exhibitions shared between the Northcote Uniting Church and Synergy Gallery, 251 – 253 High St Northcote.

In 2011 we are sending a call-out for artists, students or community/sustainability groups who would like to participate in this event as key artists. We envision creating a wholistic picture of what makes a sustainable future by including numerous community, environment and sustainability organisations.

There will be a Community Installation for anyone to participate in - by decorating a cardboard cut-out sustainability tree to place in our community sand box. Children are invited to participate in making a box city for the Church Hall. A range of activities will fill all the spaces of Synergy Gallery and the Northcote Uniting Church for the weekend of Northern Exposure, including discussions with the artists and community art making facilities in the Northcote Uniting Church.

Northern Exposure is a weekend long event that showcases the arts in High Street Northcote, with co-ordinated openings on the Friday night and artist talks on the Sunday. This event is organised by the Northcote Business Association. It attracts thousands of visitors and we aim to create an engaging, quality and arts experience

If you are interested in participating, either as one of the key artists, or to discuss a smaller contribution, please contact Penny Peckham or Anne Bowman, co-ordinators of the project, by return email or penny_peckham@hotmail.com

Proposed price structure for this exhibition;
$150 Key artist
$50 medium space approx 1mt x 1mt
$10/$20 small space (A4) for children/community groups etc
Synergy Gallery Inc.
253 High St. Northcote
(03) 9481 1751

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