Monday, March 28, 2011

New exhibition tomorrow

It exciting to be back into our exhibition programme after the intensity of working towards such a big fundraiser these last few weeks.

Especially such a delightful, lighthearted exhibition like this one.

The Marvellous Misty Mystics by Leith Walton, will 'take us back down the rabbit-hole for a cup of flying tea' (Dina Mattis). Leith has created a series of whimsical illustrations of modern mythical characters in tender water-colour. Enjoy an escapist adventure of this exhibition that both celebrates and transcends the mundane in our urban existence, settling everything down with a good cup of tea.

Please join us for his opening tomorrow night at 6.33 sharp to share a drink and enjoy.

The exhibition will run for two weeks till the 10th April.

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