Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Synergy Salon - Last Days of Exhibition

The Synergy Salon was a great success in many ways, with a great crowd, fantastic Auctioneer Adrian, and an amazing array of gorgeous artwork on display at incredible affordable prices. The exhibition it is still open to the public today, Friday and Saturday between 11-4. There are many works still available for purchase at their starting price (and I mean there are works starting at $10!) and we would love your support. Especially as, very sadly ALL the funds we raised last Sunday were stolen by someone which is very sad and unfortunate.

Of course, we are all very disappointed by this, after all our hard work and volunteering, especially at this time of year and when facing a possible large rent increase next year. But we are still being positive about it all.

On the flip side, we received huge amounts of positive energy from the community which is worth more then gold. That response was fantastic and there were lots of offers to help organise another fundraiser - so keep your eyes open. We are hoping for a benefit gig in January, and would be grateful for any other ideas, support, or energy towards 2011. Synergy Gallery really needs your support, membership and love if it is to survive into the next decade - so if you've thought about it before next year is a good time to get involved :)

Donations gratefully received - please send to PO Box 852 Northcote 3070, Australia, or contact us at if you have anything you would like o contribute.

Photo of Adrian our Auctioneer and Anne-Marie our Assistant by Katie Roberts 2010

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